Platforms & Digital Markets Regulation: In Search of New Principles

The Digital Markets Competition Forum initiative at CBS, directed by prof. Carmelo Cennamo, hosted its third virtual roundtable discussion on “Platforms & Digital Markets Regulation: In Search of New Principles” on December, 4  2:00 pm CET / 08:00 am ET. 

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Digital Markets Competition Forum
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This virtual roundtable of the DMC Forum brings together academic experts on platform competition and data infrastructure design to address relevant questions, discussing the issues associated with the competitive dynamics in digital markets, as well as the tradeoffs implied by some of the regulatory measures being proposed, and possible ways to move forward.

The aim will be to encourage new ideas that go beyond existing notions and to understand the broader implications for the well-functioning of digital markets. This Forum builds on earlier meetings on the role of network effects in users and data for platform’s market power and customer lock-in, and data practices in digital ecosystems. A short report summarizing the core ides being advanced in those prior meetings can be found here.

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