Data Practices in Digital Ecosystems: Implications for Value Creation, Competition and Regulation

On the 21st of October at 18:00 CEST, DMC Forum hosted its second digital event bringing together academic experts to discuss the role of data in the digital economy, the challenges with current data practices and the economic, innovation and competition impact of the proposed measures. 

The aim was to encourage new ideas that go beyond existing notions and to understand the broader implications for the well-functioning of digital markets.

The workshop explores the role of data for the functioning of digital ecosystems, data practices for value creation and capture, and policy implications by discussing the following issues:
  • How do data work, really? How are data created and used? How do data create value?
  • Open vs. closed data: implications for (economic) value and (societal) values
  • Data practices in the digital economy: what’s good, what’s bad, and why?
  • Proposed regulatory interventions range from curbing data collection and usage to mandating data access: Do these    make sense and on which basis – economic value, innovation, competition?