The Role of Social Logins in the Online Advertising Ecosystem with Jan Krämer

In our latest video of Research Insights, we were honored to host Jan Krämer from the University of Passau to delve into a pressing issue within the digital economy—social logins and their broader implications on data sharing, market efficiencies, and the strategic positioning of platforms. This session provided a comprehensive overview of Jan’s insights derived from his influential 2018 paper “Winners, Losers, and Facebook: The Role of Social Logins in the Online Advertising Ecosystem” co-authored by Daniel Schnurr and Michael Wohlfarth giving us a fresh perspective on the mechanics of social logins and their ripple effects across the digital landscape.

Article Mentioned:

Krämer, J., Schnurr, D., & Wohlfarth, M. (2019). Winners, losers, and Facebook: The role of social logins in the online advertising ecosystem. Management Science, 65(4), 1678-1699.