The European Digital Platform Research Network (EU-DPRN) is excited to announce its upcoming summit, a one-day event that aims to bring together researchers from different backgrounds to share their latest research and advance the field of digital platforms and ecosystems.

The aim of the EU-DPRN is to consolidate, integrate, and further develop ongoing efforts to advance research on digital platforms and ecosystems. The summit will provide a forum for European researchers from different disciplinary backgrounds (e.g., strategy, entrepreneurship, marketing, information systems, economics) to share their latest research and deepen their professional networks.

At the heart of the EU-DPRN summit is a one-day plenary track comprising of paper presentations and feedback, panel discussions, and keynote presentations. The program features a curated set of high-quality papers from a mix of junior and senior faculty. Panels include speakers from inside and outside of academia, including practitioners and regulators. The program affords ample time for socializing, fuelled by Italian food and drink.

Paper submissions are welcomed on a variety of topics, including but not limited to:

  1. Platform competition and competition within platforms
  2. Platform strategies and ecosystems in traditional industries
  3. Ecosystem governance: objectives driving choices and their consequences
  4. Post ATT ecosystem strategies: “content fortresses” vs. disintermediation
  5. Design and organizing principles of platform markets and ecosystems
  6. Decentralized autonomous platforms and the future of the platform business model
  7. Designing for (heterogeneous) network effects
  8. Data strategies for competitive advantage and fair treatment
  9. Co-specialization and standardization in and across ecosystems
  10. Incentives/tradeoffs/effects of antitrust and data regulation on ecosystem dynamics and complementors’ activities

Please save the date and plan to join us in Milan for this exciting event.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Carmelo Cennamo, CBS and SDA Bocconi (cce.si@cbs.dk)

Joost Rietveld, UCL School of Management (j.rietveld@ucl.ac.uk)

Panos Constantinides, AMBS (panos.constantinides@manchester.ac.uk)