In the digital economy, what is the relevant market? How do we define it? -Bruno Carballa Smichowski

We had a conversation with Bruno Carballa Smichowski on whether traditional market definition is an obsolete conceptualisation in the age od digital ecosystems. An economist, researchers at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (unit B6 – Digital Economy), Bruno specialises on data economics and platforms. In his recent research, “When ’the’ Market Loses its relevance”, joint work with Duch-Brown, Gomez-Losada, Martens, he takes the concept of ecosystems as advanced in the work by Jacobides, Cennamo and Gawer (2018) to empirically assess the level of interdependencies between several markets or demand-side linkages in the European digital economy. We discussed the findings of his research and their implications for current policy debate and platform regulation.

Article Mentioned:

When ‘the’ market loses its relevance: An empirical analysis of demand-side linkages in platform ecosystems. EU Science Hub. (2021, November 25). Retrieved  from