Virtual Event – 15th of April, 2021

Platform envelopment through data – When does it lead to market foreclosure?

Digital Market COmpetition Forum Copenhagen


The Digital Markets Competition Forum initiative at Copenhagen Business School, directed by prof. Carmelo Cennamo, invites you to partake in a virtual roundtable discussion on “Platform envelopment through data – When does it lead to market foreclosure?”

The workshop will revisit the concept of platform envelopment, the value creation nature of data aggregation and repurposing in the context of digital platform ecosystems as well as the potential role of data for platform monopolistic entrenchment, and the policy implications by discussing the following issues:

  • Whether / When does platform envelopment create data advantages and high entry barriers for competitors?
  • Whether / when / how data aggregation & platform envelopment is pro-competitive and pro-innovative?
  • Whether / When should data aggregation be restricted
  • What principles and criteria can we establish to assess / detect cases in which foreclosure due to data-based envelopment is more likely?

Invited experts will draw on their research and offer their views.


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Panel Speakers

Marshall Van Alstyne

Professor of Information Systems, Boston University (co-author of the original paper on "platform envelopment”)

Thomas Kude

Associate Professor of Information Systems, ESSEC Business School

Gregor Langus

Economist, Director at E.CA Economics

Cristina Alaimo

Assistant Professor in Digital Economy, LUISS Guido Carli

Date: 15 April, 2021

Time: 17:00 – 18:30 (CET)

Venue:  Online 

Registration Closed!

You can anyway and we’ll email you the recording after the event.


Panel Chair

Carmelo Cennamo

Carmelo Cennamo

Director at DMC Forum  and Professor of Strategy, Copenhagen Business School